6 inch Double Vise Station Converter Kit for Milling Drilling Vise CNC

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6 inch Double Vise Converter Kit for Milling Drilling Vise CNC

SAFE MONEY! Increment your productivity with Double Vise Converter kit

Converts your standard 6-inch vise into a double vise. “Made in the USA” from High-Grade Stainless-steel materials. CNC vise is very important in clamping pieces for mechanics process. Why S&R Products kit converter is simple design with high quality material warranty PRECISION 

Compatible with KURT, VERTEX, Palmgren, Te-Co, Toolmex, Shars and others vises

Dimensions: 10 1/2 Long X 7 1/2 Wide X 1 1/2 Tall  Available Hard and Soft Jaws 

KURT Double Station Vise 6 inch Regular Price $1,700

Convert Your Single Vise in DOUBLE VISE STATION



Convert the DX6 Crossover KURT Vise in Double vise station with convert kit made with best materials in USA and warranty accuracy adjustment


  • Made in USA with high quality Materials
  • Stainless Steel
  • Exclusive Design

BENEFITS Safe time and money! Increment productivity convert single vise in double 



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Convert Kit

Hard Jaws, Soft Jaws


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