Recycle Carbide Insert Milling TPM 322 / TPMN 16 03 08 semi-finished


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Recycle Carbide Insert Milling TPM 322 / TPMN 16 03 08 semi-finished


This carbide recycle insert is high quality and offer great remotion material. We consume the world’s limited resources in a non-sustainable way and in the long run our raw materials are scarce and finite. Estimated reserves of tungsten, for example, are around 7 million tonnes, or 100 years of consumption. Fortunately, we can reuse the carbide from your worn-out metal cutting tools and make them into new ones. This significantly reduces the need for sourcing raw material and the footprint that our and your operations will leave on the environment.

fz 0.007 in(0.004-0.008)
vc 590 sfm(660-570)
Material classification level 1(TMC1ISO) P
Operation type(CTPT) Medium
Insert mounting style code(IFS) 1
Insert size and shape(CUTINTSIZESHAPE) TP1603
Cutting edge count(CEDC) 3
Inscribed circle diameter(IC) 0.375 inch
Insert shape code(SC) T
Depth of cut maximum(APMX) 0.5236 inch
Corner radius(RE) 0.0315 inch
Major cutting edge angle(KRINS) 90 deg
Hand(HAND) N
Insert thickness(S) 0.125 inch
Weight of item(WT) 0.0106 lb
Release date(ValFrom20) 1985-01-28
Release pack id(RELEASEPACK) 85.1





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