Best price CCMT09T304 CCMT060204 Carbide Tungsten Insert Milling and Turning

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Best Price CCMT09T304 CCMT060204 Carbide Tungsten Insert Milling and Turning


Carbide CCMT recommend for manual or cnc machine can be use in turning and milling operations multilayer application semi-roughing, semi-finish and finish cutting.

Avialable Coatings

Grade Insert VP15TF

Integrating the carbide technology and coating technology!!

High adhesion strength to the sustrate excellent heat resistance and oxidation recistance

Due to the excellent heat resistance and oxidation
resistance, the VP15TF prevents a failure of tool
life even when machining hardened workpiec

Due to the cemented carbide with high wear resistance and fracture resistance, the VP15TF realized stable machining operation

VP15TF allows the machining of a variety of materials


Can SEE detail all Information Coated Click PDF  

CVD Coating Grade UE6020 for Steel


Features UE6020

The Key to Preventing Trouble!
Coating technology of the New Frontier
  • The surface texture of the special laminated titanium compound is vapor deposited by a newly developed Even Coating Technology. This very smooth and chemically stable surface helps in preventing built up edge and chip welding.
  • A Flat Alumina (fine grained Aluminum Oxide with smooth surface) is used as the outer layer. It has superior strength at high temperature, which is important at higher cutting speeds.
  • The Fibrous Crystalline Carbon Titanium Nitirde inner layer withstands wear and increases fracture resistance at the same time.
  • New Cemented Carbide substrate has been developed for UE6020, with a surface slanting structure having an extremely hard interior and a very tough surface.

Application Cutting and Recommended cutting conditions



In stainless steel cutting, damages left at the boundary of cut often become a problem. CVD coated carbide grade US7020 and US735 displays stable cutting performance, maintaining and US735 displays stable cutting performance, maintaining

Weight 3 lbs
Insert Package



CCMT09T304 VP15TF, CCMT09T304 UE6020, CCMT09T304 US735, CCMT060204 VP15TF, CCMT060204 UE6020, CCMT060204 US735

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