50″X10″ CNC Milling Machine CM1270 with GSK controller


50″X10″ CNC Milling Machine CM1270 with GSK controller

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50″X10″ CNC Milling Machine CM1270 with GSK controller

3-Axis X,Y,Z with servo motors Head Speed is manual Spindle Motor 3HP 220V/60Hz

Travel X 28.8″

Travel Y 15.2″

Travel Z 5.20″

Origin machine shipping China

Optional 4th Axis Pre-Installed in factory Price USD$ 4,999.00

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GSK Control information:


GSK980MDa can control five feeding axes(including C axis),two analog spindles,2ms interpolation in high speed,0.1μm precision,which obviously  improve the efficiency, precision and surface quality of processing parts.New USB interface,it supports the file operation and program running in flash disk.It provides 26 cycle commands of rigid tapping,drilling,boring,milling,etc.It supports the macro command in sentence type and  calls the macro program with parameter.The command function is powerful,convenient and flexible programming.


The five axes of X, Z, Y, 4th and 5th  control, any three axes l inkage movement, the axial name and the axial type of 4th and 5th can be defined.
2ms interpolation cycle, the precision of 1μm or 0.1μm can be selected.
Maximum speed: 60m/min (When it is 0.1μm, the maximum speed is 24m/min)
Multiple functions, it can real ize the dri l l ing/boring, roughing of round groove/rectangle groove, finishing of ful l circle/rectangle, continuous dri l l ing of straight line/rectangle/arc, etc.
Adapted servo spindle can real ize spindle continuous position, rigid tapping function.
Bui lt-in many PLC programs, current running PLC programs can be selected.
Memory capacity: 40M, total 10,000 part programs.
Support macro command programming in sentence type and the cal l ing of macro program with the Parameter.
Support  metric  system/inch  system,  with  the  function  of  auto  chamfering    and  tool  life management.
Display in Chinese, Engl ish, Spanish, and Russian, which can be  selected by the parameter.
With USB interface, support USB fi le processing, system configuration and software upgrade.
DNC in high speed, real ize part program real-time transmission processing .
Analog voltage output of 0V~10V in two channels, support two-spindle control.
One channel for handwheel, supporting external MPG.
Common input in 40 points/output in 32 points.

Technical specification

Control axes
Control axes: 5 axes (X, Z, Y, 4th and 5th)
Interpolation axes: X, Y, Z, 4th and 5th  linear interpolation; X,Y and Z three axes linear and spiral interpolation, any two axes arc interpolation;
 PLC control axes: 5 axes
Feeding axis function
Minimum command unit: 0.001mm or 0.0001mm can be selected
 Position command range: ±99999999 × minimum command unit
Rapid traverse speed: When the command unit is 0.001mm, the maximum speed is 60m/min; 0.0001mm, the maximum speed is 24m/min.
Rapid override: F0, 25%, 50% and 100%, total four levels, real-time adjustment;
Feeding override: total 16 levels: 0~150%, real-time adjustment;
 Interpolation mode: linear, arc and spiral interpolation and rigid tapping
Auto chamfering
Acceleration and deceleration function
Cutting feeding: Acceleration or deceleration in linear type/index type or front/rear is selectable.
Rapid traverse: Acceleration or deceleration in linear type/index type or front/rear is selectable.
Tapping: Acceleration or deceleration in linear type/index type or front/rear is selectable.
The starting speed, finishing speed and time of acceleration and deceleration are set by the parameter.
Spindle function
 Analog voltage 0V~10V output in two channels, support two-spindle control
Spindle encoder feed back in one channel, the resolution of spindle encoder can be set (0 or 100p/r~5000p/r)
Transmission ratio between encoder and spindle is:(1~255):(1~255)
Spindle speed: It i


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