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New Seco Carbide Insert and Holder Turning

The new geometries are available in both the TH1000 PVD-coated grade and the TH1500 Duratomic® CVD-coated grade. The new holders accommodate larger inserts for heavy-duty applications, particularly in ductile materials, by combining a Seco-Capto machine-side interface with rigid P-lever-clamping. The additions to Seco’s range of insert geometries have expanded its range of tough materials, such as hardened steels and superalloys. The new shapes are available in the TH1000 PVD-coated grade, which is ideal for finishing operations or interrupted cuts in hardened steels from 50 to 62 HRC. In addition to its fantastic finishing and semi-finishing abilities in superalloys, such as Inconel 718, Waspaloy and Nimonic C263, the grade is also ideal for long, continuous finishing and semi-finishing in superalloys. The new chipbreakers, nose radius sizes and inserts make the grade more appealing to users.

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