1-15/16 x 1-5/8 x 1-7/8″ Base Size – Power On/Off Flex Holder with Fine Adjustment


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  • Magnetic Base Flex-O-Post Indicator Holder
  • 3/8 x 3″ Gage rod
  • Snug has 3/8″ diameter hole for gripping AGD Indicators and 5/32″ hole for scribers
  • Push button on/off switch
  • Available as standard magnetic base or with fine adjust
Technical Specifications
Base Size 1-15/16 x 1-5/8 x 1-7/8
Brand Name Starrett
Description Power On/Off Flex Holder-Standard
Holds Standard
Model Number 657T
Stem Hole 3/8
Type Magnetic Base Indicator Holder


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