Soft Jaw 1.5mm 60° Serrated


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  • Metric Serrated Square and Pointed Soft Jaws (Each Jaw)
  • 1.5mm (.0591) 60 Degree Serration
  • For Chucks Made by Kitagawa, Matsumoto, Howa & Seike
  • All Jaws are made from 1018 mild steel
Technical Specifications
Bolt size 20mm
Brand Name H & R
Class Lathe Chucks & Accessories
Dimension D .866
Dimension F 1.690
Dimension J 1.400
For Chuck Size 15
Jaw Length 6-1/2
Jaw Width 2-1/2
Number of Holes 2
Overall Height 3-1/2
Serration 1.5mm @ 60 Degrees
Style Regular Jaw
Type Soft Jaw Each for Howa-Ho27M10


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