BT40 CNC Tool Trolley Cart Holders Tools Super CAT40 CT40 40-Taper NMBT40


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BT40 CNC Tool Trolley Cart Holders Tools Super CAT40 CT40 40-Taper NMBT40


Features & Details

  • Reinforced Steel Construction: Using high strength steel plate, the tool cart has a strong bearing force, not easy to deformation, and can be used for a long period of time. With the whole body painting skill, the tool cart looks smoother after polishing and has excellent color rendering, rust, and wear resistance.
  • Rugged Tool Set: Made of a new material-ABS with excellent cushioning, which reduces the impact force between the handle and the sleeve, the life of tool cars will be greatly improved.
  • Considerate Design: Equipped with two storage trays and wide double PVC handles, it will be more stable to go forward. Saving more effort. Additionally, increasing the storage space of the tool car.
  • Stable & Smooth: Heavy-duty 4″ casters with high loading capacity. Four wheels with two brake wheels make the operation safer and more stable, especially after the brake fixed.
  • Wide Application Area: Suitable for the protection and storage of kinds of tools in the workshop of the processing center, warehouse factories etc.


Key Features

  • Sturdy Structure

    The tool cart with steel support and painting has strong bearing force, not easy to deform, strong and durable.

  • Rugged Tool Set

    This tooling set is made of ABS material that has excellent resistance to oil and skid. Different sets of tools can be free to be matched.

  • Extra Storage Trays

    The storage tray up and down adds saving capacity of the whole tool cart and be the convenient access for you to get tools.

  • Double Quality Handles

    The wide double handles make the cart move more stable and smoothly, especially for heavier parts.

  • Rubber Casters

    Equipped with four wheels with two brakes, the implementation and steering more stable, more wear-resistant.

  • Widely Used

    Suitable for the protection of storage tools and all kinds of tools in the workshop of processing center and warehouse.

BT40 CNC Tool Trolley in Blue

35 Max.Capacity & 2 Handles& Universal Casters

Tool trolley is suitable for factory processing center workshop, warehouse handling, storage knife, protection of all kinds of knives, handling convenient, safe and centralized management, access to facilitate, and improve efficiency. Tool sets are used with ABS material, anti-oil anti-skid. Different sets of tools can be placed in pairs, free to be matched.

  • Reinforced Steel Construction
  • Rugged Tool Set
  • Considerate Design
  • Stable & Smooth


  • Item Type: BT40 / CAT 40
  • Capacity: 35
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight:55 lbs(25 kg)
  • Product Size: 34”x17”x31”
  • Color: Blue

Package Content

  • 1 x Tool Cart
  • Necessary Accessoriesunday-Friday



Weight 55 lbs






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