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Dasqua Measuring Tool

Discover the Precision of Dasqua Measuring Tools

Dasqua is a renowned brand in precision measurement tools, born in Italy, with a strong presence globally. Known for high-quality micrometers, digital calipers, and various other precision measuring instruments, Dasqua combines Italian craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Their tools are essential for ensuring accuracy in engineering and manufacturing.

Dasqua’s offerings include:

Micrometers: Both digital and analog options for precise measurements.
Digital Calipers: High-accuracy calipers for various applications.
Height Gauges: Digital and analog options for vertical measurements.

With headquarters in Italy and facilities in Shanghai, Dasqua serves a global market, emphasizing quality and precision.

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Square Shoulder Face Mill

SHOP TOOL USA, high-precision indexable face mills and CNC milling tools. Our selection includes durable 2-inch x 3/4 bore 90-degree APKT-160408 indexable face mills, perfect for heavy-duty cutting and efficient machining. Featuring top-quality APKT1604 carbide inserts, our tools guarantee superior performance and precision. Upgrade your machining capabilities with our robust shoulder milling cutters, designed for high efficiency and precision. Explore our collection today and experience unmatched quality in CNC milling. Shop now at SHOP TOOL USA.

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