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Welcome Best Shop Online from BUY TOOLS  in USA with every  day LOW PRICE and High Quality metal ad wood machine lathe, milling machines, grinder, manual and cnc. Cutting Tools in Carbide , HSS, Cobalt, Carbon Steel. 

Measuring tool , Digital Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Gauge, Tester, Bore Inspection, Telescoping gauge, Bore gage, Angle gauge, Test Blocks, Magnectic Base, Square, Combination Square, Ping Gage, Thread Gage and full range Measuring Instruments Of Precision.

We are Best line Metrology Hardness Tester, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Rughness Tester Poratable and Digital for Metal and other application in Rockwell C and B, Brinell, Shore, Vickers.

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Best Selling Cuntting and Indexable Tool

Top Selling Laser Engraving Machine Neje Master 2 7W

Neje laser engraving is desktop high speed cnc engraving and cutting wood, mdf, paper, fabrics and other soft materials.  Innovation App for Android or IOS is easy scan and modify images and test and engraving or cutting.

Simple use and inluded glasses protection for working safe. Neje offer FREE Donwload software from Windows or Mac can editing files from make Great ideas in few minutes. This is small laser engraving machine cnc and G code support.

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Low Price Metal Lathe - Bench Lathes - Engine Precision Lathe

Metal lathes for all industries, hobby workshop, best mini lathe, variable speed lathe,  engine lathes, heavy duty manual and CNC. Best brands KENT USA, JET, WEISS with FANUC, FAGOR or SIEMENS Controls and Servo Motors. 

Milling and VMC Machines

Which milling machine to buy cnc or mechanical?

It all depends on our workshop, industry and parts to be machined and price. If we have our small hobby workshop at home, a milling machine or milling drill can be an economical option and you have from which to choose the ones manufactured in China are the most economical and the quality depends on the brand.

Workholding Precision Systems

Measuring Precision Tools and Inspection

Measuring, Inspection and Precision Tool, Outside Micrometers, Inside Micrometers, Depth Micrometers, Digital Micrometers. All value bes brands in electronic digital calipers, vernier height metric and inch. 

Indicators, Dial Indicators, Dial test indicators. Magnetic bases and holders and accessories for dial and test indicators

PhaseII+, Mitutoyo, Fowler, SPI, Dasqua, Starrett CDI Chicago and Igaging.  

Rubbermaid Garage Organizer

Volkel Repair Kit Thread V-Coil Best Repair Set Spark Plug Auto

Repair thread need install high quality insert for eliminate future problems in thread. Spark Plug is very important use coil kit for high temperature resistant. How to install coil insert in spark plug this set have tool for easy problem introduce wire insert. Volkel have Thread Repair Kit all sizes inch or metric for Auto or industrial repair