Kent USA Knee Milling Manual KTM 3VKF

Kent USA’s Manual Knee Mills represent an exceptional blend of affordability, versatility, and operational simplicity. These manual knee mills stand as the quintessential choice for a diverse range of applications, including prototyping, tool room utilization, research and development projects, vocational training, and everyday precision machining tasks. With these machines at your disposal, you gain the capability to execute virtually any conceivable milling operation, encompassing intricate angled cuts, precise drilling, and the machining of elongated workpieces.

Furthermore, our manual knee mills excel in accommodating various machining needs, such as fixture creation, rework initiatives, and the production of unique, one-of-a-kind components. Notably, the KTM-3VKF, KTM-3VSF, KTM-4VKF-E, KTM-5VKF-E, and KTM-5AVKF models within our portfolio are equipped with spindle motors featuring AC-Frequency drive technology, underscoring our commitment to delivering superior performance and precision in your machining endeavors.

ModelTable SizeTable Travel X AxisSaddle Travel Y AxisKnee Travel Z Axis
KTM-3S9″ x 42″28″12″15″
KTM-3VS9″ x 49″ (Opt. 9″ x 42″)35″12″15″
KTM-3VSF9″ x 49″ (9″ x 42″ Optional)35″12″15″
KTM-3VK10″ x 50″ (10″ x 54″ Optional)35″15.25″15″
KTM-3VKF10″ x 50″ (10″ x 54″ Optional)35″15.25″15″
KTM-4VKF-E12″ x 50″33″18″18″
KTM-5VKF-E12″ x 50″33″18″18″
KTM-5AVKF13″ x 59″39.37″20″20″
KTM-VH500EVS14.6″ x 57.9″44.4″20.5″17.3″

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