Manual Horizontal Metal Engine Lathe Machinery

New Lathe Machinery for sale

Best Brand Economy Lathe in U.S.A.

Weiss Machinery Precision Lathe

China manufacturer High quality medium duty and economy lathe. Offer full range universal horizontal lathe, mini lathe, bench lathe, engine lathe, precision tool room lathe.

Kent USA

Kent USA is manufacturing Lathes in California offer solution line economy lathes with quality and price. Hot sales model KLS-1340 and KLS-1440

Grizzly 14×40 Metal Lathe

Gunsmithing Gearhead Lathe
An accurate and powerful lathe.

Precision Matthews PM-1440GT

PM-1440GT 14″x40″ Ultra Precision Lathe, 100% Made in Taiwan, no shortcuts taken, built to a very high level of quality,

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