BAER HSSG Hand Tap Set (3pcs.) UNC No. 8 x 32 140301007


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BAER HSSG Hand Tap Set (3pcs.) UNC No. 8 x 32 140301007

The hand tap set consists of three taps and allows you to cut a finished thread with significantly reduced risk of breakage. The advantage of three-piece hand taps is that the respective parts of a set share the cutting power: The taper tap (No. 1) (marked with one ring) removes 65 per cent of the thread profile and the intermediate tap (No. 2) (marked with two rings) removes 85 per cent. Pre-cutting and reworking with the intermediate tap (No. 2) bring the thread into shape. In the last step, the finishing tap (No. 3) is used, which has no ring marking. Only this cuts the full and usable thread at the end. The division of labour between the three screw tap makes it easier to cut a straight and clean thread by hand.
Compared to the machine tap, the hand tap has a short shank. This allows you to cut internal thread by hand without jamming and can be operated with tap wrenches, tool ratchets or other holding tools with square drive.
The thread can be cut in a pre-drilled core hole.
Due to the short chamfer of the finish tap, the hand tap set can be used reliably and universally for through holes and blind holes.
As a rule, three-piece hand taps- sets are used for regular threads with coarse pitch, as the thread profile area is larger than for fine threads and the force effects on the taps are greater.


Diameter No. 8
Nominal diameter in inches 0,164
Nominal diameter in mm 4,166
Pitch 32
Pitch in mm 0,794
Dimension UNC No. 8 x 32


Product group Screw taps
Product type Hand tap sets
Thread standard UNC: American Unified National Coarse thread according to ANSI B1.1
Tolerance 2B
Direction Right
Standard DIN 352
Tensile strength at room temperature up to 900 N/mm² | 27.1 HRC
Material HSSG bright

Core hole diameter: 3.5 mm
Core hole diameter
3.5 mm
Bild Lochtyp: https://media.baer.tools/media/vector/19/52/9d/durchgangsloch_und_sackloch.svg
Hole type
Through hole and blind hole up to 2 x D
Bild Form: https://media.baer.tools/media/vector/3f/1d/45/gewindebohrer_gerade_nuten.svg
Form / Geometry
Form C straight fluted
Bild Anschnitt: https://media.baer.tools/media/vector/59/5d/26/gewindebohrer_anschnitt.svg
2-3 threads
Bild Spanabfuhr
Chip removal
Rarely occurs. Chips remain in flutes.
Bild Kühlung: https://media.baer.tools/media/vector/41/a7/9a/gewindebohrer_aussenkuehlung.svg
External cooling and lubrication
Bild Material: https://media.baer.tools/media/vector/c8/8d/2f/gewindebohrer_blank.svg
HSSG bright
Bild Zugfestigkeit: https://media.baer.tools/media/vector/c0/4a/39/zugfestigkeit.svg
Tensile strength at room temperature
up to 900 N/mm² | 27.1 HRC
Tolerance: 2B



  • Materials with good machinability up to 900 N/mm²
  • Unalloyed and low-alloy steels



D1 UNC Nr. 8 x 32
D2 4,5 mm
L1 45 mm
L2 14 mm
Diameter No. 8
Square 3,4 mm


Unalloyed construction steels
1.0035 S185 (St33)
1.0036 S235JRH
1.0038 RSt37-2
1.0039 S235JRG1+CR
1.0044 St44-2
1.0060 E335 (St60-2)
1.0116 St37-3
1.0570 St 52-3
Alloyed construction steels
1.5415 15Mo3
1.5423 16Mo5
1.5622 14Ni6
1.7335 13CrMo44
1.7337 16CrMo44
1.7715 14MoV63
Free-cutting steels
1.0711 9S20
1.0715 9SMn28
1.0718 11SMnPb30
1.0721 10S20
1.0723 15S20
1.0726 35S20
1.0737 9SMnPb36
1.0758 60SPb20
Case-hardening steels
1.0401 (C15)
1.7016 17CR3
1.7131 16MnCr5
1.5919 15CrNi6
Quenched and tempered steels unalloyed
1.0402 C 22
1.1151 C22E (Ck22)
1.0503 C 45
1.1191 C45E (Ck45)
Cast steel
1.0420 GS-38
1.5419 GS-22 Mo 4
1.6750 GS-20 NiCrMo3 7
1.7357 GS-17 CrMo 5 5
Malleable cast iron
0.8145 EN-GJMB 450-6
0.8170 EN-GJMB 700-2
0.8045 EN-GJMW-450-7
0.8055 EN-GJMW-550-4
Pure copper low-alloyed
2.0240 CuZn15
2.0265 CuZn30
Brass short-chipping
2.0401 CuZn39Pb3
Brass long-chipping
2.0321 CuZn37
2.0335 CuZn36
2.0360 CuZn40
Aluminum cast Si > 5-12 %
3.2161 G-AlSi8Cu3
3.2163 G-AlSi9Cu3
3.2381 G-AlSi10Mg
3.2583 G-AlSi12(Cu)
Lamellar graphite cast iron
0.6010 EN-GJL 100 (GG-10)
0.6020 EN-GJL 200 (GG -20)
0.6025 EN-GJL 250 (GG-25)
0.6030 EN-GJL 300 (GG -30)
Copper-tin alloy (bronze) short-chipping
2.1090.01 G-CuSn7ZnPb
2.1086.01 G-CuSn10Zn
2.1097 G-CuSn5ZnPb
Pure copper, low-alloyed copper
2.0240 CuZn15
2.0265 CuZn30


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