Dasqua Super Power Magnetic Base Precision with Finesse Adjustment


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Dasqua Super Power Magnetic Base With Fine Adjustment
80 kg/176 lb. of holding power.
150° v-grooved base can be placed on the cylindrical surfaces as well as flat surfaces to allow indicators to be placed in multiple positions.
Well selected ferrite permanent magnets with magnetic force greater than calibration value.
On/off switch for magnet so it’s easy to move the base without the influence of magnetic force.
Solid structure with electroplated surfaces and ground end-faces.
Clamp holes of Ø4mm, Ø8mm, & 3/8″ which allows for the use of most indicators, test indicators and scribers.
The fine adjustment device is heat-treated to ensure stability and durability.

Introducing the Dasqua Super Power Magnetic Base with Fine Adjustment (Model 7123-1005), a versatile and robust tool designed to elevate your precision measuring experience. With an impressive 80 kg/176 lb. holding power, this magnetic base ensures a secure and stable grip for your indicators, test indicators, and scribers.

The 150° V-grooved base adds flexibility to your setup by accommodating both cylindrical and flat surfaces, enabling indicators to be positioned at various angles. The well-selected ferrite permanent magnets exceed calibration values, providing a magnetic force that inspires confidence in your measurements.

Easily toggle the magnetic force on and off using the convenient on/off switch, allowing for smooth repositioning without interference. The solid structure, complemented by electroplated surfaces and precision-ground end-faces, ensures durability and longevity.

Equipped with clamp holes of Ø4mm, Ø8mm, and 3/8″, this magnetic base accommodates a wide range of indicators, making it a versatile addition to your toolkit. The fine adjustment device, heat-treated for stability, adds another layer of precision, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements in any setting.

Choose the Dasqua Super Power Magnetic Base with Fine Adjustment for a tool that combines strength, versatility, and precision, empowering you to tackle your measurement challenges with confidence and ease.

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