Indexable Solid Carbide Boring Bar Tool Holder 5/16 X 4.50 C05-SCLCR2 (CCMT 21.51)USA MADE



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Indexable Solid Carbide Boring Bar Tool Holder  5/16  X 4.50  C05-SCLCR2 (CCMT 21.51) USA MADE


C05-SCLCR2 (CCMT 21.51) 5/16″ (.312) x 4.50″ OAL Solid Carbide Bar No Coolant

Min Bore .390″

Crafted from C05-SCLCR2 (CCMT 21.51) solid carbide stock, this precision-engineered 5/16″ (.312) x 4.50″ Overall Length (OAL) bar boasts exceptional durability and performance. Its cutting-edge design enables it to excel in machining tasks with a minimum bore size of .390″, all while operating efficiently without the need for coolant support.

Carbide solid bar tool holders, also known as boring bars, are commonly used in machining operations to bore holes and perform other cutting tasks. Anti-vibration features are crucial for achieving precise and smooth machining results. Here’s some technical information related to carbide solid bar tool holders with anti-vibration properties


  • Carbide tool holders are typically made from tungsten carbide, which is a hard and wear-resistant material. This provides excellent cutting performance and durability.

Design Features:

  • Anti-vibration boring bars are designed with features to dampen or minimize vibrations during machining. These features can include built-in dampers, special geometries, and coatings.


  • The geometry of the boring bar, including its length, diameter, and cutting edge design, can affect its resistance to vibrations. Longer and thinner bars may be more prone to vibrations, so designs often aim to optimize these factors.


  • The rigidity of the tool holder is crucial in reducing vibrations. High-quality carbide tool holders are designed to maintain their rigidity even under heavy cutting loads.


  • Consider the specific application and material being machined when selecting an anti-vibration boring bar. Different materials and cutting conditions may require different tool holder designs.


  • Ensure that the tool holder is compatible with the machine and tooling you plan to use. The shank size and tool holder interface (e.g., ISO, ANSI) should match your machine and tooling requirements.



When selecting a carbide solid bar tool holder with anti-vibration properties, it’s important to consult with the tool manufacturer or supplier to ensure that the tool holder meets your specific machining requirements and provides the desired level of vibration damping for your applications.

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