10″ x 50″ Knee Milling Machine 3 Axis CNC Control 3HP Motor R8 Spindle



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Shoptoolusa 10″ x 50″ Knee Milling Power Machine 3 Axis CNC Control 3HP Motor R8 Spindle 


GSK 25I control is easy to learn and simple to use!  is a new generation of high-performance, high-reliability CNC system developed through continuous innovation and continuous improvement, which integrates current cutting-edge technologies in the numerical control field. The product is powerful, easy to operate, and has a wide range of applications.

A new generation of CNC controller, faster data processing speed, higher system stability, stronger control function, multi-axis linkage, bus control, high-speed and high-precision, absolute encoder.

Versatile operation use conversational shop floor programming for full CNC operations. You can import and run G-code files from CAD/CAM programs to machine. They are well-suited for tool rooms and job shops, from prototyping or one-offs to small and medium production runs.

CNC Knee Milling Machine INCEASE PRODUCTIVITY 30%, saved money because increment long life end mill tool, can offer high precision mechanics to customers.

Optional Made in Taiwan Head Pneumatric Draw Bar for speed change tool. All funtion Machine center in one Power Knee Machine

3 HP R8 taper
60 to 4,500 spindle speeds w/back gears for maximum torque at low speeds.
Extra-wide hardened and ground dovetail ways on top of knee for extra support while maintaining high precision.
10″ x 50″ table – 32″(x) 14″(y) 4″(z) with control.

STOP Emergency Buttom stop machine motor for safe opertator and machine

Precision bored and ground milling head, with super precision ABEC-7 bearings

Precision ground leadscrews with backlash compensating double nut

Hardened and Ground table surface and all slide ways

Main Specification
01.Table Size 10″ x 50″
02.Table T-slot 16mm  3pcs (widthquantity)
03.Table Loading Capacity ≤280kgs
04.Spindle Taper R8
05.Spindle Motor 3HP (380V/3PH/50Hz)
06.Spindle Speed 66~4540rpm (16 steps)
07.Spindle Sleeve Axial (Z-axis) Travel 4″/103mm (CNC controlled)
08.Distance from Spindle Axis to Column 140~609mm
09.Distance from Spindle Nose to Table 0~400mm / 0-16″
10.Table Longitudinal (X-axis) Travel 750mm / 30″  (CNC controlled)
11.Table Transverse (Y-axis) Travel 400mm / 16″  (CNC controlled)
12.Knee Vertical Travel 400mm / 16″ (powered)
13.Ram Travel 470mm / 18.8″
14.X/Y/Z-axis Rapid Moving Speed 5000mm/min
15.Headstock Left Right Swivel ±90º
16.Headstock Forward Backward Tilting ±45º
17.Net Weight ≈ 1400kgs
18.Packing Dimension ≈ 1900 x 2000 x 2230mm (L

Standart Accessories included:

01.GSK 25I CNC System LCD High Contrast 8.4 inch – USB Port 1set (assembled)
02.1kW Servo Motor for X/Y/Z-axis 1set (assembled)
03.Cantilevered Control Panel 1set with stack light (assembled)
04.Coolant System 1set with powered pump (assembled)
05.Centralized Lubricant System 1set with powered pump (assembled)
06.Halogen Working Lamp 1set (assembled)
07.Draw Bar 1set (assembled)
08.R8 Collets Kit 1set with 8 collets
09.MVB160 Machine Vise 1set 160mm jaw width/160mm opening.
10.Balls Screws Made in Taiwan
11.Tool Box 1set with spanners & wrenches

2 Years Warranty Machine parts Manufacture by Shoptoolusa

1 Year Control system

Machine assemby by order Delivery time 90 Days.

Shop Best Milling Machine for grown your business and machine shop

Weight 3800 lbs
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3-Axis CNC, 4th Axis CNC, 3-Axis CNC + Splash Shield + Oil Tray + Table Shield + Pneumatic Draw Bar, 4th Axis CNC + Splash Shield + Oil Tray + Table Shield + Pneumatic Draw Bar

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