10pc CCMT Carbide Insert Milling and Turning Steel – Stainless Steel and Cast Iron Grade

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10pc CCMT Carbide Insert Milling and Turning Steel – Stainless Steel and Cast Iron Grade

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Introducing our top-of-the-line Carbide Insert CCMT:

The Carbide Insert CCMT is a high-performance cutting tool designed for precision machining applications. It is widely recognized for its exceptional durability, versatility, and superior cutting performance. With its advanced features and robust construction, the CCMT insert is the go-to choice for professionals in various industries.

Wide Compatibility: The CCMT insert is designed to be compatible with most standard insert holders and tooling systems, making it suitable for integration into diverse machining setups. This compatibility ensures seamless interchangeability and easy adaptation to different CNC machines and turning centers.

Sharp cutting edge to reduce cutting force. The first choice for semi-finishing of internal holes and allows chips to flow smoothly.
Inserts can be rotated to a new cutting edge
Pack of 10

Carbide Insert turning grade table 




SP8025 CVD
golden yellow P10-P30 The carbide substrate have good anti-deformation resistance and toughness. MT-TiCN+Al2O3+TiN coating has very good surface quality and help t recognize wear easily. It is suitable for semi-finishing and finishing steel machining.
SP8125 CVD
black P10-P40 The carbide substrate have mild cobalt content and high cubic content, combining with thick TiCN and Al2O3, treated by sepcial technology after coating treatment, which gives inserts strong wearing resistance.  It is prority for semi-finishing to finishing steel machining.
SM8020 PVD (Silicon+TiAlN) purple M10-M30 Micro WC grain substrate with high Co maintain cutting edge strength and it has smallest coefficient of friction and good nano hardness with good thermal stability silicon coating. The grade is very good for interrupt turning and milling for stainless steel
SK8010 CVD
(thick TiCN+ textured Al2O3)
black  K10-K30 The medium-coarse substrate combine with thick TiCN and textured Al2O3, after special coating treatment, it has strong wear-resistance. The grade is suitable for high-speed semi-finishing cast iron turning under stable working condition.


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