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10PCS TPG-321 C5 TiN Coated Carbide Insert Cobra Carbide  41248


. TPG-321


Insert Style    TPG
Insert Size Code    321
Insert Shape    Triangle
Included Angle    60
Inscribed Circle (Decimal Inch)    0.3750
Corner Radius (Decimal Inch)    0.0156
Insert Material    Carbide
Manufacturer Grade CM14

**Technical Description: 10PCS TPG-321 C5 TiN Coated Carbide Insert**

The 10PCS TPG-321 C5 TiN Coated Carbide Insert by Cobra Carbide 41248 is an indispensable tool designed for precision CNC milling and turning operations in metalworking workshops. Crafted with high-quality carbide material, these inserts ensure optimal performance and longevity in various machining applications.

1. **CNC Compatibility:** Engineered for compatibility with CNC machining centers, these inserts facilitate efficient and precise milling and turning operations.

2. **TiN Coating:** Each insert is coated with Titanium Nitride (TiN), enhancing durability and wear resistance, resulting in extended tool life and reduced tooling costs.

3. **High-Quality Construction:** Manufactured with premium-grade carbide material, these inserts offer exceptional strength, toughness, and thermal stability, ensuring consistent performance even under demanding machining conditions.

4. **Versatile Application:** Suitable for a wide range of materials, including steels, stainless steels, cast iron, and non-ferrous alloys, these inserts provide versatility for various machining tasks.

5. **Optimized Geometry:** The insert’s geometry is meticulously designed to promote smooth chip evacuation, reduce cutting forces, and enhance surface finish, enabling efficient and precise machining operations.

6. **Precision Engineering:** Each insert undergoes rigorous quality control measures to meet strict dimensional tolerances and ensure uniformity, contributing to consistent and reliable machining results.

7. **Cost-Effective Solution:** With their extended tool life and high-performance capabilities, these inserts offer a cost-effective solution for metalworking operations, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

8. **Ideal for Mechanists:** Engineered to meet the demands of mechanists and machinists, these inserts empower professionals to achieve exceptional precision and accuracy in their machining tasks.

9. **Package Quantity:** This set includes 10 pieces of TPG-321 C5 TiN Coated Carbide Inserts, providing an economical solution for workshops and manufacturing facilities.

10. **Competitive Pricing:** Available at a competitive price point, these inserts offer excellent value for money without compromising on quality, making them an attractive choice for machining professionals.

In summary, the 10PCS TPG-321 C5 TiN Coated Carbide Insert by Cobra Carbide 41248 combines high-quality construction, precision engineering, and versatile application capabilities to deliver superior performance in CNC milling and turning operations. With their durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, these inserts are an essential asset for any metalworking workshop striving for excellence in machining operations.


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