24″ / 600MM Electronic Height Gage inch/metric conversion. .0005″/.01mm” resolution

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24″ / 600MM Electronic Height Gage inch/metric conversion. .0005″/.01mm” resolution


  1. Precision Measurement: Accurately measures heights up to 24 inches (600mm), ensuring precise results for various applications.
  2. High Resolution: Offers a resolution of .0005 inches (.01mm), enabling detailed and accurate measurements.
  3. User-Friendly Display: Equipped with a large display screen for easy reading of measurements, reducing the risk of errors.
  4. Preset Memorizing Function: Convenient feature allowing users to store and recall preset measurements, enhancing efficiency and workflow.
  5. Durable Construction: Constructed with a hardened and ground stainless steel frame, ensuring durability and longevity even in demanding working environments.
  6. Stable Base: Features a sturdy cast iron base, providing stability and support during measurements.
  7. Versatile Unit Conversion: Offers true inch/metric conversion capability, allowing seamless transition between measurement systems.
  8. Shipping Weight: Weighs approximately 19.7 lbs, making it portable while maintaining sturdiness during transportation.


Weight 20 lbs
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