4″ 3 Jaw Metal Lathe Chuck Precision Self Centering Semi-Steel Body


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4″ 3 Jaw Lathe Chucks Precision Self Centering w/ .003 TIR Certificate 2 Set Jaw New

Outstanding accuracy, versatility and durability.
Each high quality chuck comes with a certification that documents TIR.

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Product description

  • Diameter: 4″
  • Thickness: 2.16″
  • Center hole: .87″
  • Bolt Circle Diameter: 3.307″
  • Runout: 0.003″
  • Max. Input Torque: 60 Nm

Product application

Product features

  • Semi-steel chuck body made from high quality cast iron
  • Each pinion is ground and hardened to HRC 43
  • Both sides of the jaw teeth and guides are ground and hardened to HRC 58-62
  • Each set of jaws are serialized in their own set
  • A serialized set of jaws are then finished, ground, and lapped on their designated chuck body which will be the same chuck body on the final assembly to achieve a greater accuracy
  • Before assembling the jaws to its designated chuck body, the jaws finish machining is performed on a close tolerance state of the art CNC machine from Japan
  • The scroll plate’s thread flank are ground on both sides to achieve tighter contact with the master jaw
  • Each chuck has gone through rigorous accuracy and repeatability inspection by clamping and jamming multiple random testing rods or rings
  • Accuracy is maintained for the entire clamping range


  • Internal Jaw:
    • Clamping Range A-A1: 0.078-1.181″
    • Jamming Range B-B1: 1.181-3.543″
  • External Jaw
    • Clamping Range C-C1: 1.181-3.150″

Size (inch) D (inch) D1 (inch) D2 bolt hole circle dia. (inch) D3 (inch) H (inch) H1 (inch) H2 (inch) h (inch) z-d (metric)  43.9372.8353.3070.8662.9332.165-0.1183M-8


Product includes

  • 2 set of jaws: inside jaw set and outside jaw set
  • 3 piece of mounting screws for the lathe chuck back plate
  • 1 hexagon wrench



Weight 6 lbs

Shars Tool


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