50KG Rotary Welding Positioner 0-90° Positioning Turntable Table 0.5-6RPM


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50KG Rotary Welding Positioner 0-90° Positioning Turntable Table 0.5-6RPM

Rotation Motor: 120W
Horizontal Loading Capacity: 110lb
Vertical Loading Capacity: 55lb
Chuck: 7.9″
Working Table Diameter: 12″
Working Table Height: 15″
Working Table Tilting Angle: 0-90°
Working Table Rotation Speed: 0.5 – 5 r/min

Product Description

Master Welding Projects with Precision and Ease

Choose rotary welding positioner makes welding effortless and accurate. Elevate your welding skills and exceptional welds with 0-90° tiltable worktable, 0.5-6 rpm stepless speed control, KD200 three-jaw chuck, strong load capacity, easy-to-use control box, and welding gun stand holder.

Constructed with high-strength carbon steel, our welding positioner turntable table boasts exceptional 55 lbs (vertical) or 110 lbs (horizontal) load-bearing capacities. Robust and durable structure can handle various welding tasks while offering corrosion resistance for long-term use.

Our positioner features a worm gear turning structure with a self-locking function, ensuring precise and stable positioning of welding workpiece. The hand wheel can securely fix the worktable at desired angle, while the welding gun stand holder allows for precise positioning of the gun.

Control the worktable’s 360° rotation effortlessly with the foot pedal switch, providing flexibility during welding. The user-friendly control box allows for stepless speed adjustment (0.5-6 rpm), catering to the requirements of different welding tasks and ensuring a smooth welding process.

Our welding positioner is suitable for a variety of welding tasks, ensuring that you achieve precise and efficient welding results. Whether it’s metal welding, large pipe welding, heavy machinery welding, or automated welding, our welding positioner is up to the task.

Features & Details

– Smooth Rotation: rotary welding positioner boasts 120W high quality motor that runs at 0.5-6 rpm low speed for stable and smooth operation. With a load capacity of up to 55lbs/25Kg (vertical) or 110lbs/50Kg (horizontal), it offers excellent stability and supports efficient, precise welding.
– 0-90° Tiltable Worktable: The welding positioner turntable table can be tilted from 0-90° and securely fixed at desired angle with the hand wheel. Plus, the worm gear turning structure with self-locking function can accurately position and maintain the correct location of welding workpiece.
– Precise & Stable Positioning: Equipped with a 315mm KD200 three-jaw chuck, featuring 10-210mm clamping range and 80-190m supporting range, it effectively prevents the weldment pieces from moving and falling. Also includes a welding gun stand holder to secure the welding gun in place.
– Easy to Operate & Control: The welder positioning turntable table offers 0.5-6 rpm stepless speed adjustment. You can easily control the rotation speed with the user-friendly control box. The convenient foot pedal switch also allows for easy control of table’s 360 degrees rotation.
– Wide Applications: Our positioning turntable is versatile for cutting, grinding, assembly, and testing. It can be fixed on the workbench or specific tooling for manual welding or paired with welding equipment for automatic welding. Elevate welding efficiency and precision.







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