APKT1003 PDR SG20 PVD (Silicon+AITiN) Grade ISO M20-M40 10pc pack


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APKT1003 PDR SG20 PVD (Silicon+AITiN) Grade ISO M20-M40 10pc pack

Shoulder milling
Shoulder milling is a basic milling application in which a tool simultaneously creates a plane and shoulder surface. Square shoulder mills have traditionally had a cutting edge angle of 90°. Having the exact right angle is important to avoid offsets between the individual milling paths.

Machining of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, heat resistant super alloys, titanium, hardened materials, aluminum, non ferrous material
Finishing and medium roughing

Applicable Material | Steel | Stainless Steel | Hi Temp Alloys | Shape 85° Parallelogram
Application | Countersinking | Drill Mill | Facing | Milling Inserts | Plunging & Recessing | Rampdown | Shouldering | Slanted Shoulder & Chamfer | Slotting | Maximum Feed per Tooth (fz(max)) 0.0059 ″/tooth
Cutting Edge Length (L) 0.451″ Series/List # HM90APKT1003PDR IC830
Insert Length (INSL) 0.451″ Cutting Edge Material Carbide
Corner Radius (RE) 0.0315″ Tool Type Single sided Inserts
Depth of Cut Maximum (APMX) 0.315″ Minimum Feed per Tooth (fz(min)) 0.0031 ″/tooth
Insert Width (W1) 0.266″ Cutting Edge Effective Length (LE) 0.404″
Insert Thickness (S) 0.139″ Measurement Type Inch
Coating PVD (Silicon+AITiN) Body Material Carbide
Grade SG20
Weight 2 lbs
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