Blade Type Iscar Indexable Carbide Grooving Cut-Off Cutter Holder Metric Size


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Blade Type Iscar Grooving Cut-Off Cutter Holder Metric Size. Versatile parting and grooving covers all parting and grooving applications in most materials, from standardized grooves to parting off and profiling in heat-resistant super alloys.

Parting, external grooving, face grooving, internal grooving, profiling and hard part turning
Roughing to finishing

Neutral, right- and left-hand style inserts with geometries dedicated for parting off
Inserts for hard part turning at high feed rates


Interchageable with Iscar and other brands



Grades and geometries for parting off
Geometries designed for good chip formation, high stability and coolant access in combination with grades that provide excellent edge-line security in all materials make for inserts that excel in every parting-off operation.



Weight 2 lbs
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