DASQUA 1.0-6.5mm Taper Bore Gage (1051-0005) – Precision Measuring Tool for Machining and Engineering


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DASQUA 1.0-6.5MM TAPER BORE GAGE (1051-0005)

Dasqua 1.0-6.5Mm Taper Bore Gage
Overall length is 7-1/2″.
Graduation is 0.1mm.
Accuracy is +/-0.05.
Mainly used to measure the inside diameter of deep slots, holes and tubes.
Made of polished stainless steel.
Sizes are engraved on the tool to make it easy to read and so it lasts longer.

The DASQUA 1.0-6.5mm Taper Bore Gage (1051-0005) is a precision measuring instrument designed for accurate and reliable measurement of taper bores in various applications. This high-quality tool is crafted with precision and attention to detail, making it an essential tool for professionals in machining, engineering, and quality control.

Key features of the DASQUA 1.0-6.5mm Taper Bore Gage include its versatile measuring range, spanning from 1.0mm to 6.5mm, allowing users to measure a wide range of taper bores with a single instrument. This flexibility makes it suitable for various industrial applications where precision measurements are crucial.

The gage is constructed from durable materials, ensuring longevity and stability in its performance. Its robust design makes it suitable for use in challenging workshop environments, providing users with a reliable and durable tool for accurate measurements.

The user-friendly design of the DASQUA Taper Bore Gage includes an easy-to-read scale or digital display, depending on the model, enabling quick and precise readings. The ergonomic features of the tool, such as a comfortable grip and intuitive controls, enhance user experience and efficiency during measurement tasks.

Whether used for quality control, machining, or engineering applications, the DASQUA 1.0-6.5mm Taper Bore Gage is a trustworthy instrument that delivers accurate results. Its precision and reliability make it an indispensable tool for professionals seeking high-performance measurement solutions in their work.

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