External Rethreading Set 4-152mm | 5/32”-6” (60° M. MF. UNC. UNF. UN. NPT)


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External Rethreading Set 4-152mm | 5/32”-6” (60° M. MF. UNC. UNF. UN. NPT)

The BAER thread restorer for external threads is an indispensable tool for professional thread maintenance.

The handy thread restorer restores old threads efficiently and precisely without changing the original structure. Regardless of the thread pitch, the BAER thread restorer removes rust with its robust, hardened cutting blades and cuts the old thread at the head end. The restorer thus has a similar function to a die, except that it cannot be used to cut a completely new thread and several dimensions can be processed with one tool.

The BAER thread restorer is characterised by its simple handling, which makes it unnecessary to align or measure the thread. Due to the possibility of clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation, threads can be re-tapped flexibly. The tool is suitable for metric sizes M 4 – M 152 with a thread angle of 60° and is also compatible with imperial sizes from 5/32” – 6” with a thread angle of 60°. Both coarse thread and fine threads can be recut with it.

The BAER thread re-cutter thus covers a wide range of requirements and proves to be a reliable partner for every workshop and every craftsman. The thread repair is simple and efficient due to the universal tool and is therefore a reliable partner for every workshop and every craftsman.


Diameter 4 – 152 mm
Dimension 4 – 152 mm


Product group Thread restoration tool
Product type Thread restoration tool


For external thread with thread angle 60°:


  • M – metric ISO standard thread
  • MF – metric ISO fine thread
  • UNC – american Unified coarse thread
  • UNF – American Unified Fine Thread
  • UNEF – American Unified Extra Fine Thread
  • UNS / UN – American Unified thread with special pitch (8-UN, 12-UN, 16-UN)
  • BSC – British Bicycle Thread





  • Reconstructs the old thread without changing it
  • removes rust
  • hardened cutting blades
  • Cuts the old thread at the head start
  • Independent thread pitch
  • Right and left hand rotation
  • No calibration necessary
  • No measuring of the thread necessary



Repairing external threads – Step 1

Turn the handle (A) to raise the floating blades (B). Place the restorer over the thread to be repaired.


Repairing external threads – Step 2

Turn the handle (A) to lower the floating blades into the grooves of the thread and tighten by hand only.

Repairing the external thread – Step 3

Turn the restorer in the respective direction.

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