M 1 x 0.25 HSS Mini Tap Machine Screw Small holes Made in Germany


HSS Made in Germany Mini Tap

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M 1 x 0.25 HSS Mini Tap Machine Screw Small holes Made in Germany

If you want to build something that is small and delicate, you will need an extremely small screw connection, also called a miniature thread. The bore must be adapted for this. The miniature screw tap from BAER with a nominal diameter of 0.3 to 2.0 millimetres are the solution. Whether by hand or semi-professionally by machine, this mini internal tap with full thread profile cuts precisely and straight into the core hole – an absolute must when cutting threads. These mini taps are often used in industrial manufacturing on automatic lathes and thread cutting machines because they have high efficiency and low production costs.
Cutting such a small thread can quickly become challenging because guiding the mini tap is very difficult. For ideal guidance, it is recommended to use a drill stand or a tapping machine.



Diameter 1
Nominal diameter in inches 0,039
Nominal diameter in mm 1
Pitch 0,25
Pitch in mm 0,25
Dimension M 1 x 0,25


Product group Screw taps
Product type Short machine taps
Thread standard M: Metric ISO standard thread according to DIN 13
Tolerance ISO2/6H
Direction Right
Standard Factory standard
Tensile strength at room temperature up to 800 N/mm² | 22.2 HRC
Material HSSG bright


D1 M 1 x 0,25
D2 1,5 mm
L1 25 mm
L2 6 mm
Diameter 1
Weight 6 lbs
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