Pair of 60-Degree Thread Triangle Tools – Made in the USA


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Pair of 60-Degree Thread Triangle Tools – Made in the USA


60 Degree Thread Triangle Pair
Made in the USA.
One pair gauges all 60 degree threads from 4-80 pitch, standard and special.
For any thread, mic the distance over the triangles then refer to the included chart to determine class of fit.
For special threads add constant to nominal O.D. and check against mic reading to determine class of fit.

“Pair of 60-Degree Thread Triangles, Crafted in the USA. This set accommodates all 60-degree threads ranging from 4-80 pitch, encompassing both standard and special threads. To gauge any thread, measure the distance over the triangles and consult the provided chart to identify the class of fit. For special threads, incorporate a constant to the nominal O.D., then cross-reference with the mic reading to ascertain the class of fit.”

  1. Precision Craftsmanship:
    • Meticulously manufactured for accurate and reliable performance.
  2. Versatile Thread Compatibility:
    • Accommodates all 60-degree threads, including 4-80 pitch, for both standard and special applications.
  3. Comprehensive Measurement:
    • Gauges the full spectrum of thread types, providing a one-stop solution.
  4. Inclusive Measurement Chart:
    • Includes a comprehensive chart for easy reference, aiding in the determination of class fit for various threads.
  5. User-Friendly Design:
    • Designed for ease of use, allowing users to measure thread distances effortlessly.
  6. Made in the USA:
    • Proudly manufactured in the United States, ensuring quality and adherence to high production standards.
  7. Durable Construction:
    • Built with durable materials to withstand frequent use and ensure long-lasting performance.
  8. Class of Fit Determination:
    • Enables users to identify the class of fit accurately, promoting precision in thread measurement.
  9. Special Thread Capability:
    • Capable of handling special threads by incorporating a constant to the nominal O.D., expanding versatility.
  10. Micrometer Compatibility:
    • Integrates seamlessly with micrometers, providing a reliable and precise measurement method.
  11. User Guide Included:
    • Comes with a detailed user guide for easy and effective utilization.
  12. Quality Assurance:
    • Backed by quality assurance measures to guarantee customer satisfaction.
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