WNMG 432-PP IC 907 Iscar Carbide Insert 10pc Pack


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WNMG 432-PP IC 907 Iscar Carbide Insert 10pc Pack

Double-sided trigon inserts with a positive rake angle and sharp, positive-radial edge. Used for machining very ductile materials such as aluminum alloys, soft, low carbon steel, stainless steel, and high temperature alloys.

Grade Name: IC907
Insert Material: CARBIDE – PVD COATED
ISO Range: P10-30 M05-20 K15-30 N05-20 S05-20 H05-15
Coating: TiAlN+TiN
Material Description: Steel, Stainless, Cast Iron, Non-ferrous, Superalloys, Hardened materials
Grade Description: A tough sub-micron substrate, PVD coated. Suitable for low-to-medium cutting speeds. Developed for machining of heat resistant alloys, austenitic stainless steel and hard steel.

L IC S RE ft
.343 .500 .187 .0315 .0055 .0118 .039 .157

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