33″x 8″ Mill/Drill Weiss Machinery Benchtop Variable Speed Brushless Motor 2HP


Bench Milling Drilling Machine 2HP 33″x8-1/4″

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33″x 8″ Mill/Drill Weiss Machinery Benchtop Variable Speed Brushless Motor 2HP


The Weiss Mill VM32L is a high-quality milling machine that boasts a robust construction and precise performance. With a table size of 8 inches by 33 inches, it provides ample workspace for various milling tasks. Its design is ideal for both professional machinists and DIY enthusiasts who require accuracy and reliability in their machining projects.

The Weiss Mill VM32L features a durable cast iron construction, ensuring stability and durability. The machine is designed to withstand heavy-duty milling tasks and provide consistent performance over time. Its compact size makes it suitable for small workshops or garage setups.

Best milling option manufacture by Weiss Machinery in China, but comparison quality is good. This machine is easy for convert in Mini cnc milling.

Weiss Machinery is same maufacturer than Grizzly, jet, Precision Matthews, Enco, Baileigh and others similars brands

1. Table size: 33-5/64″ x 8-17/64″

2. Table travel: 22-53/64″ x 8-5/64″

3. Max. drilling capacity: 1-3/16″

4. R8 spindle

5. Power: single phase 110V 2HP

6. Absolute operating silence (no gear)

7. Digital display RPM

8. Electronic ruler display spindle feed


1. Variable speed enables to operate easily.

2. Spindle is supported by high precision taper roller bearing.

3. Single speed belt drive provide more quiet and easy operation.

4. Mill head can be tilled 90 degree.

5. Bigger table provides more capacity.

6. The dovetail rails are equipped with adjustable taper inserts for greater wear resistance.

7. Precision manual fine down feed.

8. An electronic ruler is used for the spindle depth, accurately drilling, the minimum counting depth is 0.00004″ or 0.001mm.

9. The feed length of the spindle can be precisely adjusted with the minimum feed rate up to 0.0008″ or 0.02mm.

10. Minimum scale for hand wheel 0.002″.

11. Direct transmission by toothed belt.

Technical Details

Best Mill for CNC Conversion

VM32L is good mill for convert in cnc machine only need replace table screws for balls screws and can adapter nema or servo motors kit with simple adapter

Model VM32L
Max. Drilling Capacity 1-3/16″ 30mm
Max. End Milling Capacity 25/32″ 20mm
Max. Face Milling Capacity 3″ 76mm
T-Slot Size  3 @ 35/64″ slots  3 @ 14mm slots
T-Slot Centers 2-1/2″ 63mm
Table Size 33-5/64″ × 8-17/64″ 840 × 210mm
Table Travel (X, Y) 22-53/64″ × 8-5/64″ 580 × 205mm
X/Y-Axis Travel per Handwheel Revolution 0.1″
Spindle Stroke 2-3/4″ 70mm
Distance from Spindle to Column 8-17/64″ 210mm
Distance from Spindle nose to table 18-1/2″ 470mm
Spindle Drawbar Thread Size 7/16″
Spindle Drawbar Length 12-1/2″
Head Tilt (Left/Right) 90 Deg.
Spindle Taper R8
Number of Spindle Speeds Variable
Vertical Spindle Speeds 100 – 2250 RPM
Motor Type Brushless 2HP
Power Requirement Single Phase 110V 60Hz
Rated Current 10A
Packing Size 39-5/8″ × 28-3/4″ × 46″
Net Weight 445.4 lbs.
Gross Weight 551.3 lbs.

Additional Information



  • – Drill chuck with key capacity 1/64″ to 25/64″
  • – Drill bits set
  • – Tool  box
  • – Technical documentation


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A brushless motor milling machine is a type of milling machine that utilizes a brushless motor as its power source, instead of a traditional brushed motor. This type of motor offers several advantageous features, including:

High efficiency: Brushless motors are known for their high efficiency due to their advanced design and lack of brushes, which minimizes energy loss from friction and heat. This results in improved power utilization and reduced energy consumption, making a brushless motor milling machine more cost-effective in the long run.

Longer lifespan: Brushless motors have a longer lifespan compared to brushed motors since they do not have brushes that can wear out over time. This means less maintenance and replacement costs, making a brushless motor milling machine a durable and reliable option for machining tasks.

Higher torque and precision: Brushless motors are capable of delivering higher torque and precision, making them ideal for milling operations that require high levels of power and accuracy. They can maintain consistent speed and torque even at low speeds, ensuring smooth and precise cutting operations.

Quieter operation: Brushless motors are typically quieter than brushed motors, as they do not produce the same level of mechanical noise from brushes rubbing against commutators. This results in a quieter operation, which can be beneficial in noise-sensitive environments such as workshops or production facilities.

Digital control: Brushless motor milling machines often come with advanced digital control systems that allow for precise speed and feed rate adjustments. This enables fine-tuning of cutting parameters, resulting in improved machining accuracy and surface finish.

Reduced maintenance: Since brushless motors do not have brushes that can wear out, they require less maintenance compared to brushed motors. This can result in lower maintenance costs and less downtime, making a brushless motor milling machine a convenient and reliable choice for machining operations.

In summary, a milling machine equipped with a brushless motor offers several advantageous features including high efficiency, longer lifespan, higher torque and precision, quieter operation, digital control, and reduced maintenance. These features make it a reliable and cost-effective choice for machining tasks that require precision and performance.

WARRANTY: 1-YEAR Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair.


Weight 200 lbs
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