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The Insize Outside Micrometer 3203-25A is a precision measuring tool used for accurate measurement of the outside diameter of cylindrical objects. It is commonly used in machining, manufacturing, and quality control applications where precise measurements are critical.

Key Features:

Measurement Range: The Insize 3203-25A micrometer has a measurement range of 0-25 mm (0-1 inch), allowing for precise measurements of objects within this range.

Precision Measurement: The micrometer is designed to provide high accuracy, with a resolution of 0.001 mm (0.0001 inch). It has a flat measuring face and a spindle with a carbide tipped measuring anvil, ensuring accurate and repeatable measurements.

Ratchet Thimble: The micrometer features a ratchet thimble mechanism, which provides a consistent and uniform pressure during measurement, helping to eliminate operator-induced errors. The ratchet thimble also provides a clear and audible “click” when the micrometer reaches its measuring force, indicating that the measurement is complete



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