Router Bit 6pc Set 1/2″ Shank Tungsten Carbide Tip Woodworking Tool Router Bits


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Router Bit 6pc Set 1/2″ Shank Tungsten Carbide Tip Woodworking Tool Router Bits

1/2″ Shank 6 PC Cove Set Woodworking Wood Router Bit NEW Product Code 404-8176

Product description

  • Shank: 1/2″
  • Sizes in set: 1/8″r, 3/16″r, 1/4″r, 5/16″r, 3/8″r and 1/2″r

Product includes

  • Wooden case

Product application

Round over bits are typically used to make quarter rounds of various radius.  Also can be used to soften edges to give a softer appearance or avoiding sharp edges.  Our router bits are manufactured using solid hardened steel on the shank and router body and C2 grade micro grain carbide.  The result is a highly durable bit that can be utilized for the most rigorous industrial applications. Precise, designer profiles create smooth and detailed cuts, perfect for projects of professionals and hobbyists alike.

Product features

  • Anti-kickback design
  • Solid hardened steel on shank and body
  • C2 Fine-grained carbide blade constructed with high tensile silver-based brazing material to offer great strength and durability
  • Carbide is CNC shaped and sharpened with diamond wheels as fine as 300 grit
  • High hook & shear angles allow cutters to slice smoothly into stock producing clean, splinter free.
  • Body finished with coat to prevent build-up of sawdust, resin, and pitch


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