SPMT 32.52 TiN COATED CARBIDE INSERT 10pc (6018-3252)


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SPMT 32.52 TiN COATED CARBIDE INSERT  10pc (6018-3252)

 Product Description: SPMT 32.52 TiN Coated Carbide Insert

The SPMT 32.52 TiN Coated Carbide Insert is a high-performance cutting tool designed for precision machining. This insert is engineered to deliver superior wear resistance and extended tool life, thanks to its Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating, which reduces friction and enhances durability.


– **Relief Angle**: -11°
– This negative relief angle allows for more aggressive cutting, improving material removal rates and surface finish.

– **Mounting Style**: Screw on
– The insert is designed to be securely fastened with a screw, ensuring stability and reliability during machining operations.

– **Design**: Single-sided with chip breaker
– This single-sided insert features a chip breaker, which helps manage chip formation and evacuation, reducing the risk of workpiece damage and enhancing productivity.

– **ASA Insert Number**: SPMT 32.52
– The American Standards Association (ASA) designation for this insert.

– **ISO Insert Number**: SPMT09T308
– The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) designation, ensuring global compatibility and recognition.

– **Inscribed Circle (I.C.)**: 3/8″ (9.525 mm)
– The diameter of the largest circle that can be inscribed within the boundaries of the insert.

– **Thickness (S)**: 5/32″ (3.97 mm)
– The thickness of the insert, providing a balance between strength and cutting ability.

– **Hole Diameter (d)**: 0.173″ (4.39 mm)
– The diameter of the hole for the mounting screw.

– **Corner Radius (r)**: 0.031″ (0.79 mm)
– The radius of the insert’s corners, influencing the strength of the cutting edge and the quality of the finish.

 Key Features:

– **TiN Coating**: Provides excellent wear resistance and reduces friction, leading to longer tool life and improved performance.
– **Chip Breaker**: Ensures efficient chip control, reducing the risk of workpiece damage and improving overall machining efficiency.
– **Negative Relief Angle**: Enhances cutting aggression and efficiency, suitable for a variety of machining applications.

This SPMT 32.52 TiN Coated Carbide Insert is ideal for professionals seeking reliable and efficient cutting performance in their machining operations. Its robust design and high-quality coating make it suitable for a wide range of materials and applications.

SPMT 32.52 TiN Coated Carbide Insert
Screw on style.
Single sided with chip breaker.
-11° relief.
ASA insert number is SPMT 32.52.
ISO insert nuber is SPMT09T308.
I.C. is 3/8″.
S is 5/32″.
d is 0.173″.
r is 0.031″.


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